DUBLIN, JUNE 11-13, 2018

Wealth Management

"There are very few people who really understand what’s going on in this world, and understand how you transact"

- Yoni Assia, co-founder and CEO, eToro
Digital tools are transforming how people manage their money. What are the trends and innovations that will win through? And what is around the corner for consumers? Innovative startups, investors and financial giants will lay out the disruptive future of wealth management.

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What's happening?

MoneyConf attendees will hear from leading world experts and innovators as they tackle questions like:

Will augmented reality allow robo-advisors to compete effectively in the HNW space?

Does AI represent the death knell for active investing?

Is there enough of a shift towards greater efficiency and adaption by incumbent firms in the industry?

How will tech introduce increased transparency to wealth management? eg. blockchain.

The giants of the web assemble
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