JUNE 10-12, 2019


Volunteer - Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to volunteer at MoneyConf?

Our volunteers must have a conversational level of English. We ask is that our volunteers are polite, courteous, punctual and committed to contributing to the success of MoneyConf. We welcome applications from people from across the world and are looking forward to working with a diverse, ambitious group of volunteers. All applications will be screened by our Volunteer Team to ensure the MoneyConf volunteers fulfil our criteria.

Will MoneyConf cover my costs?

No. MoneyConf does not cover volunteers’ travel or accommodation costs, although volunteers will receive a lunch pack on the days of their shift.

How many shifts do I have to complete?

Volunteers will be assigned to a role / team that requires them to either work 2 half day shifts across the event days (5-6 hours long each) or 1 full day shifts (8-9 hours each). The team you are assigned to will be dependant on your experience and availability.”

What teams can I volunteer with at MoneyConf?

Volunteers will help our MoneyConf team across all areas of the event including our Operations, Registration, Stages, Social Media Live Teams and many more. Volunteers will be assigned to one role for both of their shifts.

Do I need to purchase a ticket?

No. You will be free to enjoy MoneyConf based on the terms you complete both of your assigned shifts. However, if you fail to complete, arrive late or leave early for either of your volunteer shifts, you will no longer be entitled to attend MoneyConf.

Will I receive training before my first shift?

We will provide volunteers with a briefing to run through the MoneyConf Volunteer Programme, their volunteer roles and answer any questions they may have. Date, time and location are to be confirmed.

When do applications close?

Volunteer positions are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Once applications are open here, you can register your interest to volunteer at MoneyConf. Please note that registering does not guarantee being chosen to volunteer.