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DUBLIN, JUNE 11-13, 2018

Mentor Hours

15 minutes to learn how to grow a unicorn. Meet the people who’ve done it all before.

Applications for Mentor Hours will open for startups exhibiting at MoneyConf soon.

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What are Mentor Hours?

Mentor hours are a series of pre-scheduled, 15-minute meetings between our high-level attendees and startups.

Last year almost 2000 startups got access to top speakers, leading investors, influential media and global partners to get one-on-one advice on starting, growing and scaling a successful business.

Previous mentors include

How do Mentor Hours work?

We use data science to match startups with a mentor that we believe can help the most. Our algorithms consider 414 variables before determining which startups could most benefit from mentors’ expertise. Once our data science team determine your match, we will reach out with your meeting details.

Mentor Hours are available exclusively to startups exhibiting at MoneyConf. Applications open for Mentor Hours soon.

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