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Registering at MoneyConf in six steps

mm Emma Murphy
Published on May 24, 2017

For registering at MoneyConf, you will need to download the official app.

1) Make sure you download the MoneyConf app on your device, and please ensure that you’re logged in to your profile before reaching registration. You will need your unique Registration QR code open on the app to register for the event.

If you are having problems locating the QR code, scroll down to the end of this article and we’ll show how you can find it.

2) Ensure you have a valid photo ID with you.

The IDs we accept are valid passports, driver’s licences and government-issued national identity cards featuring an image of the ticket holder.

We do not accept credit cards as a form of ID.

3) In La N@ve, check the venue map on the MoneyConf app for directions to Main Registration. The hours that registration is open are listed below.

4) Join the correct attendee type queue. Don’t worry, our dedicated volunteers will be on-hand to help with this.

5) Have your photo ID and Registration QR code ready for the MoneyConf team to register you for the event.

6) You’re all set!

Registering at Night Summit

Attend pre-registration at our opening Night Summit party in Circulo des Belles Artes. Registration is open here from 8pm-10pm on Monday, June 5.

Registration During the Event

Registration will be open on both days of MoneyConf in La N@ve. You can see the hours for registration below.

Tuesday, June 6 | 9am-5pm | La N@ve

Wednesday, June 7 | 9am-3pm | La N@ve

Using the App


Contact Information

Having any issues or questions regarding registering at the event?

Please contact us at info@moneyconf.com.