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The 20 startups investors are most excited about at MoneyConf

Dylan Kelly
Published on June 17, 2016

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MoneyConf is fast approaching and our startups have been busy preparing for the conference. So have the MoneyConf investors.

They’ve been requesting to meet with exhibiting startups through our Office Hours scheme. It gives startups and investors the chance to meet for pre-scheduled 15-minute meetings throughout MoneyConf. Today we’re releasing a list of the top 20 startups that have been most requested by investors.

These are the companies who the international fintech community are really getting excited about. They’re the companies of tomorrow. You’ll find them at MoneyConf.
  1. Blueliv
  2. Number26
  3. collectAI
  4. ICAR
  5. BehavioSec
  6. GetSafe
  7. Biid
  8. CartoDB
  9. Viventor
  10. anfix
  11. Bud
  12. Loqr
  13. Particeep
  14. Geoblink
  15. spendesk
  16. Darwinex
  17. Payso Inc
  18. Rehive
  19. Auka
  20. Tallarium
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