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Major announcements and a few Dubai dirham: MoneyConf Day One Highlights

Dylan Kelly
Published on June 21, 2016
And with that Day One of MoneyConf comes to a close. Across both stages, Centre and Insights, we heard from the people making the big decisions at finances’s biggest brands, and the people whose companies could well be the world’s most influential in years to come.

From the business of Brexit to big onstage announcements, here are some of the highlights.

“We looked to the future…”

Foto by: www.vincenzorigogliuso.com “… And technology is the defining factor,” said BBVA CEO Carlos Torres during a breakfast briefing to kickstart the day. He spoke about what marks BBVA out as different, and how the Spanish economy has managed to weather storms during the international financial crisis.


“Something like €10…”

A couple hundred Hong Kong dollars, and a few Dubai dirhams too. That’s what Jane Zavalishina, CEO of Yandex Data Factory, carries around in cash. She was at MoneyConf to talk about the real ROI of big data for banks. With so much talk of the future of payments, we wanted to see who’s still hanging on to cash.

Breaking down barriers

Foto by: www.vincenzorigogliuso.com Over on Insights Stage, Valentin Stalf, Founder and CEO of Number26, told us how access to international banking accounts is becoming more and more widespread though tech. During his Centre Stage talk, he made an announcement of the major Series B round Number26 has just raised. We caught up with Valentin after his big reveal to get a feel for how important the news is for his company.

Banks embracing change?

Ben Milne, Co-Founder and CEO of Dwolla, talked business in the blockchain era on Insights Stage, and how real-time payments are changing the reality of the payments environment around the world on Centre Stage. He gave us his take on what the banks of the future will be like backstage.

The true democratisation of finance

Foto by: www.vincenzorigogliuso.com Taavet Hinrikus, Co-Founder and CEO of TransferWise, talked us through how fintech is helping to bring greater freedom, transparency and personal choice to consumers. “Banks start by asking how much they can charge; we start by asking how little we can charge,” he said of his company’s approach.

When will your paycheque come in BitCoin?

Never. That’s according to Ann Cairns, President of International Markets at MasterCard. She hit Centre Stage to talk about how we can ensure innovation and inclusion go hand in hand in today’s financial world. After her talk, we asked her backstage just how we’re going to be paid in the future.

The business of Brexit

Foto by: www.vincenzorigogliuso.com David Birch, Director of Consult Hyperion, talked the potential implications of Britain leaving the EU for fintech in a Centre Stage talk. He told us that London’s financial sector would be harmed by a vote to leave, and that the ongoing European football championships and weather could well have a big impact on voter turnout, and therefore the result. We caught him afterwards to see whether we should trust banks.