The first of our Summits for Web Summit 2016

DUBLIN, JUNE 11-13, 2018


"In 20 years we’ll be carrying around these wonderful little computers where you can pay anybody, anywhere in the world, using Bitcoin"

- Gavin Andresen, Chief Scientist, Bitcoin Foundation

We've just had "the year of the cryptocurrency" however experts are still at odds when predicting who will be the next Bitcoin. Will Bitcoin still be in game?

Some of our past speakers

What's happening?

MoneyConf attendees will hear from leading world experts and innovators as they tackle questions like:

Are there competing cryptocurrencies to bitcoin and if so, what are they in 2017?

How does a cryptocurrency startup manage its regulation and compliance when they act in areas of ambiguity?

Can bitcoin really reach half a billion in value over the next few years? Or will its value completely plummet?

How significant is Ether as an example of how cryptocurrencies can be much more than money?

What is the next step/development in smart contract applications?

The giants of the web assemble
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Everywhere you go it’s buzzing and it’s electric

It defines the ecosystem
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