JUNE 10-12, 2019


JUNE 10-12, 2019

The emergence of blockchain and distributed ledger technologies have dominated headlines and captured growing public and corporate interest in recent years. A sequence of massive growth spurts in cryptocurrency and digital assets have evolved into an increasingly substantial series of investments from the world’s smartest minds and money. Hear from some of the biggest names in the blockchain game at CryptoConf.


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As the utility of blockchain and ledger technology unfogs, we’ll be exploring our fast-moving decentralised future at CryptoConf, tackling issues like:

Ledgers: We’ll be analysing what a ledger is, how ledgers and trust have been central to trade and management throughout history, and why we need innovation in this area.

Crypto-boom: What did the recent crypto-asset boom really mean for DLT? We’ll ask if the crypto bear market will hold, fold or explode in the short and medium term. Does blockchain have an image problem?

Corporate innovation: What successful functional cases exist of ledger technology integrating into enterprise services? What are corporations doing to adapt? What relationship and impact will blockchain have with industries such as media, commerce and banking?

Regulation and policy: How have governments been responding and what likely changes will be seen in this area in the future?

Smart money: What are corporate and venture capital investors betting on and how? We’ll analyse the role of crypto exchanges and look at innovative methods of startup growth such as the ICO.

Developers: What are developers doing and how do they sit so squarely in the middle picture? How might energy requirements affect future growth?

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