The first of our Summits for Web Summit 2016

DUBLIN, JUNE 11-13, 2018


"Being disruptive is a side effect and I don't think it's particularly cool to upset something. I think is particularly cool to be a company that can really help other companies."

- Ayden CEO, Pieter van der Does
How we buy and how we sell has changed utterly. But what are the key opportunities and pitfalls beyond the buzzwords? Learn from leading retailers, brands and the most disruptive payments companies and digital experts.

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MoneyConf attendees will hear from leading world experts and innovators as they tackle questions like:
What challenges are preventing faster adoption of so-called “social commerce”?
How can small retailers increase engagement and loyalty in a contextual commerce world where products and services are offered at exactly the right time and place?
How should a retailer evaluate different payment gateways?

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