The first of our Summits for Web Summit 2016

DUBLIN, JUNE 11-13, 2018

Capital Markets

"Everyone on the planet will have a digital identity by the year 2030"

- Banking on the Edge author, Chris Skinner
Trading and the movement of capital has been transformed by technology. Who will be the winners and losers in the new fintech future? Hear from the most disruptive startups and money experts on the next phase in the evolution of AI, algorithms and capital markets.

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MoneyConf attendees will hear from leading world experts and innovators as they tackle questions like:

How can NLP and Machine Learning mitigate the increasing cost of regulatory compliance?

In what areas will standardised solutions and data standards such as FIBO have the biggest impact?

How can data analytics help improve market share when MiFiD II best execution requirements are predicted to make clients more price-sensitive?

How are new technologies making the modern trading desk more efficient and does this matter in a world of AI?

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